Bicycle parts and accessories

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Chain KMC S1 1/2х1/8х112L RB
Chain KMC S1 1/2х1/8х112L RB Silver / Silver..


Chain KMC X9 EPT 9 speed
Chain 1 / 2x11 / 128x116L. Used for 9-star cassettes. Silver / Silver..


Fork Suntour SF-14-M3030-P 26 "black
Legs 28.6mm Stroke 75mm Rim brake Stem 1 1/8 ” Wheel size 26 " Color black..


Цепь KMС X9 9 speed
Chain 1 / 2x11 / 128x116L. Used for 9-star cassettes. Silver / Silver..


Цепь KMС Z99 RB 9 speed
Chain 1 / 2x11 / 128x116L. Used for 9-star cassettes. Silver / Silver..


1-1/8" Headset Cover with RISK Anchor for Carbon Stem Forks
1-1/8" Headset Cover with RISK Anchor for Carbon Stem Forks..


Steering column for bicycle NECO H-128N 1 "non-integrated
Bicycle steering column NECO H-128N 1 "non-integrated..


Steering column for bicycle NECO H-156 1-1 / 8 "tapered
Bicycle steering column NECO H-156 1-1 / 8 "tapered Ø30.0Х44 / 55ММ..


Steering column for bicycle NECO H-846 1-1 / 8 "non-integrated
Bicycle steering column NECO H-846 1-1 / 8 "non-integrated..


 Lietu ZD-019 bike saddle


 Lietu ZD-021 bike saddle


 Shimano Sora CS-HG400-9 звезд 11-28T 9-star cassette
 Shimano Sora CS-HG400-9 звезд 11-28T cassette..


10 "camera
CST 10x2.00 camera. Curved spool Autonipel..


12 "camera
Camera 12x2.00. Curved spool Autonipel..


14 "camera
Camera 14x2.00. 35mm nipple Autonipel..


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Bicycle parts and accessories

Bicycles, like other types of transport, sometimes require repair. Most bike owners know how to deal with the breakdowns of their two-wheeled friend on their own. And in order to fix the malfunction, they will need bicycle parts. Kiev, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine have a sufficient number of stores where you can find the right part for repairing a bike of different brands. For TM ARDIS bicycles, the Velo-Hit store in Kiev offers an excellent set of high-quality components. We are ready to provide cyclists with all the necessary parts and accessories. Thanks to this, the owner of any bike model will be able to put it in order and fix any damage. This primarily concerns basic problems. For example, in order to tighten the brakes, you will need bike parts to fix a damaged camera. You can buy them in Kiev , or order delivery to another city in our store. And tools are needed to deal with malfunctions. A pry bar, screwdriver, wire cutters, an adjustable wrench, spare parts - all this must be in every cyclist's bag. This will help you avoid trouble on the road and ensure a successful return home. In addition, for those who strive to improve their two-wheeled friend, we have special parts - pedals, frames, steering wheels, brakes, tires.

Bicycle accessories will make any ride more comfortable and easier. You cannot do without them either during long travels or on short walks outside the city. Today the bicycle has long gone out of the category of simple fun. He was appreciated by fans of an active lifestyle, and those who are trying to take care of their health. But, in order for each trip to be useful and safe, you need to get some accessories. For example, a heart rate monitor will help monitor your heart rate and notify you of changes in time. If you are a fan of long walks, then it is not superfluous to take water with you. And here, by the way, there will be a bottle cage that will allow you to have water at hand. However, when going on a cycling trip, it is always better to stock up on all the necessary things, and a spacious bike bag is suitable for this. In the Velo - Hit store, every bike rider will be able to buy for himself all the necessary accessories for bicycles. We've handpicked the most useful items, from travel bags to repair kits. And everything to make your trip comfortable and easy.

Each bicycle is a complex mechanism that constantly undergoes mechanical wear during operation. If you want to be sure of the reliability of the two-wheeled friend, the accuracy of all the components, you need to regularly service it and replace worn-out components. If you need to buy bicycle parts in Kiev and Ukraine, pay attention to our VELOHIT store. Here you will find a large selection of bicycle parts for your bike at affordable prices, as our goal is to make riding accessible to everyone! We try to take on as much of your trouble with your bike as possible, so we have a bike workshop where you can install the purchased bike parts for a small fee. Fast delivery, original products of well-known brands, Shimano, Sram, Sunrace, Suntour, Zoom and many other brands, our bike workshops, all of this was created by us so that your love for bicycles is not overshadowed by technical aspects, and riding is only a joy! < / p>

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Гарний асортимент та приємні ціни. Знайшов тут всі комплектуючі до свого велосипеда. Веломайстерня теж сподобалась, використовують професійні інструменти та правильні мастила...
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Хороший магазин с большим ассортиментом запчастей и отзывчивыми продавцами. Терпеливо и понятно отвечают на вопросы, цены приемлемые..
2021-10-11 17:54:52
класс очень понравился..
2021-07-10 20:33:48
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