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Bicycle repair

There is a bicycle workshop in our store, where we provide all kinds of services for the repair and maintenance of any bicycles. Our experienced bicycle mechanics will quickly and efficiently eliminate any problems, carry out maintenance of the bike, set up and adjust all units, replace components using professional equipment.

We also give a 14-day warranty for the work performed

We are located in Kiev, territorially next to us Obolon, Podil, Vinogradar, Kurenevka, Minsk massif, Shevchenko square. < / p>

Estimated prices for bicycle repair services:

  • T.O. (maintenance) of the bicycle surface lubrication, wheel alignment, adjustment of gear shifting and brakes, broaching of all bicycle components, pumping up the wheels. All other types of work, replacement of spare parts and the cost of spare parts are paid separately from 250
  • First T.O. bicycle adjustment of brakes and switches, diagnostics of the condition of the wheels, diagnostics of the tightening of all units and elements, other types of robot at will from 50
  • Frame replacement dismantling of components from one frame and installation on another from 200
  • Assembling the bike from the box Assembling the bike, full setting 100
  • Assembling a bike from scratch assembling and customizing a bike from your components from 250
  • Replacing the hook (cock) of the rear derailleur removing / installing the rear derailleur and setting 50
  • Replacing the rear shock absorber from 60
  • Replacing the fork dismantling / installing the fork, lower cone of the steering column, stem, brakes, cleaning and lubricating the bearings, installing an armature from 150
  • Head tube trimming 50
  • Installation of a disposable anchor is installed inside the head tube only with a special tool 50
  • Steering wheel, stem, steering column Bulkhead of the steering column and / or its repair dismantling the stem, forks, detailed disassembly of the steering column, cleaning, lubrication, installation and adjustment 100
  • Replacing the steering column pressing out the cups, cleaning the steering tube, pressing the cups, replacing the cone on the fork, lubrication, assembling the steering column 100
  • Replacing the steering wheel dismantling / installing grips, shifters, brake levers 50
  • Replacing the stem, dismantling / installing the rudder 30
  • Replacing the grips 40
  • Eliminating backlash 20
  • Coins, switches Adjustment of speed changeover price for one switch 50
  • Cleaning, lubricating the cable with shift setting 50
  • Replacing the cable or / and jacket, switch end switches + setting the switch 80
  • Replacing / installing bowdens and limit switches + setting the switch 80
  • Replacement / installation of the speed switch Replacement / installation and adjustment of the switch 80
  • Replacement / installation of a shifter with a shift setting 80
  • Replacement / installation of monoblock with adjustment of switching and braking 80
  • Rear derailleur bulkhead disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, assembly, installation and adjustment from 60
  • Wheels Replacement of rim / hub / spokes / nipples Complete disassembly and assembly of a wheel with a selection of spokes and centering from 120
  • Wheel assembly Selection of the required spoke length, assembly, centering 120
  • Wheel spacing 50
  • Replacing one spoke Selecting the required spoke length, replacing, centering 30
  • Bulkhead rear / front bush on bulk bearings Bushing disassembly, internal and external cleaning, inspection of bushing cups and cones, lubrication, assembly and adjustment (drum cannot be disassembled) from 80
  • Bulkhead rear / front hub on industrial bearings Internal and external cleaning, lubrication, pressing / pressing of bearings and anthers from 80
  • Eliminating backlash of the rear hub 30
  • Eliminating backlash of the front hub 30
  • Replacing / installing ratchet / cassette 40
  • Chain Chain Lubrication 20
  • Replacing the chain Removing the old chain, selecting the required chain, length, installing 50
  • Installing the chain lock 30
  • Replacing the carriage, removing the connecting rods and the carriage, cleaning and lubricating the carriage assembly threads, installing a new cartridge, installing the connecting rods 100
  • Installing the carriage without removing and installing the connecting rods 50
  • Replacing the connecting rods with reinstalling the pedals 60
  • Installation of connecting rods in the cost of work does not include installation of pedals and gearshift settings 30
  • Replacing pedals from 20
  • Mechanical brakes Brake setting 50
  • Replacing the cable or / and shirt, brake limit switches including setting from 80
  • Replacement of V-Brake type brake pads including setting 60
  • Replacing the brake lever including setting 60
  • V-brake replacement including setting 60
  • Installing mechanical disc brake installing rotor, brake lever, caliper and setting 80
  • Hydraulic brakes Brake setting 60
  • Bleeding of a disc hydraulic brake is not included in the cost of work brake fluid: mineral oil 200
  • Replacing the disc hydraulic brake without bleeding removing / installing the rotor, brake lever, caliper and setting 100
  • Replacing the brake disc 60
  • Rotor straightening from 30
  • Tire works Replacing the tube or tire 60
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Гарний асортимент та приємні ціни. Знайшов тут всі комплектуючі до свого велосипеда. Веломайстерня теж сподобалась, використовують професійні інструменти та правильні мастила...
2022-09-12 21:14:14
Хороший магазин с большим ассортиментом запчастей и отзывчивыми продавцами. Терпеливо и понятно отвечают на вопросы, цены приемлемые..
2021-10-11 17:54:52
класс очень понравился..
2021-07-10 20:33:48
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