Новые велосипеды Ардис 2017!

In 2017, the Ardis bicycle factory continues to actively develop bicycle models with new characteristics, in particular, with a large wheel size. Interesting novelties for this year are bikes with 29 "and 27.5" wheel sizes. These bicycles are interesting not only for their unusual rubber sizes, but also have a striking design! The travel-grade transmission has a 24-speed gearshift system, which allows you to select a comfortable ride mode for large wheels, thanks to which you can easily go up any mountain. 27.5 "SWEED MTB is an emerging new standard that is great for cross-country terrain, has good maneuverability and excellent roll for easy passage of long distances. 29 "BRAVE MTB typical 29er, large tread for good grip. On it you can safely go on long trips along any route.

New Ardis bicycles are already presented in our brand store on Kurenevka. You can test any bike, get professional advice and help in choosing the right model for your needs. Also you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices for bicycles!

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