Sunrace and Alhonga 2019 New Arrivals!
We are already in full swing preparing for the new cycling season! New items of components from well-known brands have already begun to arrive at our warehouse! Cassettes, carriages and re-sh..
Bicycle wheels can be bought from us!
In our store you can not only buy a bike, but also repair it. Wheels are one of the most important parts of a bicycle. In addition, they are practically not produced by manufacturers, and only a fe..
Bicycle Ardis LUCAS on 27 sp
We have converted the bike ARDIS LUKAS , which is very popular, to Shimano HG-200-9 9-star cassette , having changed monoblocks and cross-overs accordingly. To make the bike top-of-the-line, we fit..
The range of Royal Baby is expanding!
The new line children's bicycles Royal baby, launched by the Ardis plant last year, is very quickly gained popularity and love of users. Models of this brand have become the best-selling and receiv..
Happy 2018!
Дорогі друзі! Вітаємо всіх з наступаючими новорічними святами! Всього найкращого вам у номом році! Графік роботи магазину в період з 01.01.2018 по 09.01.2018 уточнюйте, будь ласка за телефонами: 06..
Arrivals of new QUANDO bushings!
New models of bushings of a well-known brand are already available in the store Quando ! This TM has established itself well as a manufacturer of high-quality and inexpensive hubs for all types of ..
New bike models 27.5 "
New models with a wheel size of 27.5 "have appeared in our bicycle store again. The Ardis factory is rapidly expanding its range of bicycles with a new popular wheel standard, which has already been ..
LONGUS helmets
New arrivals! Now in our bike shop we stock LONGUS bicycle helmets, adults and children, different sizes, comfortable, bright and reliable. LONGUS is a well-known brand of bicycle accessories and ..
INSPIRON in new standards
For the first time a bicycle Inspiron with 26 "wheels Ardis plant released in 2015. Good Shimsno attachments combined with disc brakes and suspension forks, on a beautiful aluminum frame, were to t..
New Terra and Schultz
Universal bicycles with 27.5 "wheels in the already well-proven Terra and Schultz models. Excellent rolling, small dimensions and maneuverability combine novelties from the Ardis bicycle factory! Thi..
New mountain bikes
In 2017, the Ardis bicycle factory continues to actively develop bicycle models with new characteristics, in particular, with a large wheel size. Interesting novelties for this year are bikes with 29..
Children's bicycles 2017!
We are glad to present the novelties of 2017 among children's bicycles from the manufacturer Ardis! They are very bright and stylish. Parents and kids will surely like the frame colors. They also int..
New arrivals of components!
FROM 02/01/2017 NEW ARRIVALS of goods of famous brands in our store at u. Kirilovskaya, 168! Well-known manufacturers of cycling goods at affordable prices. Visit our bike shop and you will be pleasa..
Bicycle from CREDIT MARKET