Bicycle repair
How to repair a bike yourself? When buying a bicycle, everyone understands that this is a vehicle, and sooner or later the question of its maintenance will arise. Since many elements during the ride..
How can a cyclist protect himself on the road?
Safe cycling technique. The more bicycles are used in everyday life, as the cheapest, versatile and environmentally friendly form of transport, the more cyclists around the world try create comfor..
Pedals: "stompers" or "contacts"
Probably one of the most stressed bike parts is the pedal assembly (bottom bracket, crankset and pedals). It is here that all the muscular efforts of the cyclist are directed, the greatest pressure o..
Cycling styles
With the rapid spread of bicycles in the world (less than 150 years from the date of the first issues), the variety of ways of their use is increasing. The bicycle, having emerged as a means of tran..
Bicycle accessories
Nowadays, a bicycle is not just a means of transportation, it is a way of life, relaxation, pleasant pastime with family, friends and like-minded people, as well as sports excitement and travel. I..
How to choose a bike for a child?
Without exception, all parents want their children to grow up healthy, develop harmoniously and just be happy and cheerful. Now many are faced with the problem of a sedentary lifestyle already in ..
Preparing the bike for spring
Bicycle cassettes
Bicycle cassettes, this is an important part of the transmission, cassette stars are driven, driven by the system stars (leading). There are two fundamentally different structures in the middle of th..
Bike chains
The bicycle chain as an integral component of the bicycle did not appear immediately. The first experiments with bicycles tried belt and gear drives. But as a result, it is the chain drive that ha..
Winter rides
Winter weather conditions are very different from other seasons. And if you do not plan to part with your bike until spring, you need to carefully prepare. All the features of winter riding are due t..
Preparing the bike for winter
Many cyclists do not use their bike in winter. The weather conditions in winter require some technical preparation of the bike and special equipment for the cyclist. Therefore, many for whom a bicycl..
Advantages and disadvantages of niners
You don't have to be a super observant cyclist not to notice a trend that is showing up on our roads more and more every day. Many cyclists ride on slightly unusual bicycles with large wheels cheerfu..
Types of bicycle forks
Types of disc brakes
Today, more and more bike models are equipped with disc brakes. What is their obvious advantage? How did they conquer the market and displace all other types of brakes? 1) Mechanical ..
Gear shifting
Today, few people doubt the wisdom of buying a bike with multiple gears. Such a transmission allows the most efficient distribution of forces and without unnecessary loads to overcome inclines. If yo..
Bicycle lubrication
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Bicycle washing
The season of night cruises around the city and driving trips to forests and difficult routes has come. We often return from them up to our ears in mud. Frame color is difficult to tell at first glan..
Planetarium: pros and cons
Planet: pros and cons But what is just beginning to gain popularity in our country has long become the norm in Europe. And there you can see a bicycle on the planetary near every pole. What is suc..
Pick up led by height
It is important to select a model for the cyclist's height. Below is a table with approximate ratios of frame height and human height. It should be remembered that the final decision on the size o..
How to choose a bike
Having decided to buy a bike, everyone asks the question: what kind of bike do I need? To answer this question, first of all, you need to decide for yourself where most often you will ride:..